Nature's Bounty Magnesium 500mg 100 Tablets
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Nature's Bounty Magnesium 500mg provides 100% of the daily recommended value for this important mineral in just one softgel.

  • Product Type : Tablets
  • Brand : Nature's Bounty
  • Quantity : 100 Tablets
  • Country of Origin : USA

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Brand: Nature's Bounty
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Nature's Bounty Magnesium 500mg

Nature’s Bounty Magnesium 500 mg is very helpful for bone health and for maintaining bone mineralization. It helps to build muscle contractions, energy metabolism, nerve impulses and protein formation. It uses those ingredients only which passed GMP supplement quality standard. It is equipped with dicalcium phosphate, vegetable cellulose, citric acid. It also contains 2% of vegetable magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide color. The tablets do not contain any artificial flavor, gluten or sweetener. In order to ensure purity and potency the tablets go through various quality tests. Per bottle of Nature’s bounty magnesium 500 mg is packed with 200 coated tablets.

Supports Sugar Metabolism

Magnesium works with adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to release the energy needed for most reactions in the body and supports sugar metabolism. A component in over 200 enzymes in the body, magnesium is also involved in protein formation.

Supports Bone Health and Structure

Magnesium is also essential for bone structure and is involved in muscle contractions and nerve impulses.

Coated for Easy Swallowing

Just one tablet a day provides you with 500 milligrams of high-potency magnesium. They are coated for easy swallowing and are suitable for vegetarians.

Bone and Joint Support

All of us have probably experienced occasional joint stress or stiffness due to exercise, everyday activities, and the natural aging process. Nature's Bounty bone and joint support supplements provide the nutrients responsible for joint mobility and flexibility and help to maintain bone strength and well-being.


Minerals form one of the crucial cornerstones of good health--but your body can't manufacture minerals on its own. Nature's Bounty offers a full line of high-quality mineral supplements that you can take every day to help you stay healthy.

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