Kirkland Mature Multi Vitamis & Minerals Adult 50 Plus 400 Tablets
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Brand: Kirkland Signature
Categories: Health & Beauty
Tags: Multi Vitamis & Minerals,Kirkland Mature Multi Vitamis,Vitamis & Minerals Adult 50 Plus

Kirkland Mature Multi Vitamis & Minerals

Product details have been supplied by the Manufacturer, and are hosted by a third party. Product Overview Age is only a number when you support your overall health with the essential nutrients your body needs. Kirkland Signature Mature Multi is formulated with key vitamins and minerals to support the overall health of individuals over the age of 50, including calcium to help support and maintain strong bones, vitamin D to support bone, muscle, and immune health, B vitamins to support cellular energy production, and vitamins C and E to provide antioxidant support. These are a just a few of the essential micronutrients included in the Kirkland Signature Mature Daily Multi.

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