The Ordinary EUK Serum 134 0.1% 30ml
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The Ordinary EUK Serum 134 0.1% A formula that has been shown to reduce visible redness and protect against appearance of UV damage.

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  • Brand : The Ordinary
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Brand: The Ordinary
Categories: Dermatological Care
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The Ordinary EUK Serum

Neutralize skin-damaging particles with The Ordinary EUK 134 Serum 0.1%. This lightweight serum contains a rare self-regenerating molecule called EUK which scavenges for free radicals and helps to eliminate them from your skin before they can do any damage. The antioxidant formulation helps to enhance the complexion by protecting skin from harmful pollutants such as smoke, air pollution, and UV-light before they oxidize. The Ordinary’s unique formula boasts an exceptionally high concentration of EUK, which at 0.1% does not sound like a lot, but is actually one of the highest available concentrations on the market. EUK can help to reduce visible redness and protect against the appearance of UV damage. It can be used as a shield against environmental pollutants such as free radicals, hydrogen peroxide and reactive oxygen species, which all contribute to skin imperfections and signs of aging. This formula does not contain any water, silicones, oils, alcohol, nuts, gluten or soy. It is also vegan and cruelty-free. This product should not be used alongside other acids such as glycolic or salicylic acid.

Key benefits

  • Highly potent antioxidant serumPrevents premature ageing
  • Fights and protects against free radical damage
  • Enhances the complexionProvides long-lasting antioxidant support
  • Free from water, silicones, oils and alcohol
  • Use alone for best resultsSuitable for all skin types


  • Apply alone or after water-based serums, before oils or heavier creams
  • Alternatively, mix with other treatments to enhance their antioxidant capacity significantly
  • Do not use with highly acidic formulations such as suspensions of ascorbic acidIf irritation occurs, cease use and consult a physician
  • Use only as directed on unbroken skin
  • Patch testing prior to use is advised
  • Refer to our in-depth guide to patch testing
  • Keep out of reach of children