Prickly Heat Powder Snake Brand Classic Scent 140gm
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Prickly Heat Powder Snake Brand Classic Scent Prickly heat, cool powder, heat rash, heat rash treatment.

  • Product Type : Powder
  • Brand : Snake Brand
  • Net Weight : 140gm

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    Brand: Snake Brand
    Categories: Health & Beauty
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    Prickly Heat Powder

    The serpent mark from the legend of the serpent with arrow mark was created in 1892 by Dr Thomas Hays. The mark symbolizes disease (represented by the snake) subdued by it's remedy (the arrow).The world's leading cooling powder brand, Snake Prickly Heat Powder was created in 1947 by Dr. Luen Vongvanij as a treatment for foreigners suffering from Thailand's heat rash and humid hot weather. The snake with arrow mark has been a symbol of quality skin remedy for generations of Thais since.

    • It is the original cooling, refreshing and relaxing heat shirt that is effective in relieving itching from dust, breaths and skin irritation from hot weather,
    • The Serpent Mark from the legend of the Serpent with Arrow Mark was created in 1892 by DR Thomas Hays.
    • With its fresh natural essential oil scent, it's perfect for everyday family use.
    • Its exclusive metal package can keep its freshness and natural fresh fragrance for a long time.