Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche Shower Gel Ultra Douceur 1000ml
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Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche Ultra-Gentle Shower Gel is a daily shower gel that respects the skin balance and is suitable for the whole family.

  • Product Type : Atoderm Gel
  • Brand : Bioderma
  • Net Weight : 1000ml
  • Country of Origin : France
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    Brand: Bioderma
    Categories: Health & Beauty
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    Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche Shower Gel

    Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche Shower Gel provides a protective barrier, defending us from possible aggressors such as pollution and dry air. If you are sensitized by these external factors, your skin can become dry and uncomfortable. Characterized by temporary discomfort, a tight feeling, and mild peeling, dry skin is susceptible to dehydration and can facilitate the penetration of skin irritants. It is important to take care of dry skin by providing formulas adapted to its needs, nourishing it daily with nourishing and soothing ingredients.

    Main Benefits

    Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche Shower Gel gently cleanses the skin without drying, promotes a healthier skin barrier, helps protect from daily aggressions, softens and soothes the skin, is a practical product suitable for the daily cleansing of the face, body, and hands;Formulated without: alcohol, parabens, silicones.

    Uses of Shower Gel

    Apply on wet skin. Work into a foam. Rinse well and gently dry. Then use a skincare product from the atoderm range. Adults, children, babies. Face and body. Apply to healthy skin. May be used on newborns, with the exception of premature infants.