Noreva Aquareva 24h Moisturizing Body Cream 400ml
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Aquareva Body Moisturizer nourishes the skin after application, for a sensation of smoothness, comfort and softness.

  • Product Type : Cream
  • Brand : Noreva
  • Net Weight :  400ml
  • Origin : France
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    Brand: Noreva
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    Categories: Dermatological Care
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    Noreva Aquareva 24h Moisturizing Body Cream

    Noreva Aquareva Moisturizing Body Cream 24h 400ml repairs, protects and soothes the dehydrated skin of babies, children and adults.
    It intensely rejuvenates the skin, allowing it to regain suppleness, softness and comfort right from the application. Rich in cotton flower, hydro-essential complex and film-forming agents, it moisturizes durably and replenishes the skin barrier. Its fine texture penetrates quickly, for an immediate well-being. Without paraben, without phenoxyethanol.

    Skinnovation Pvt Ltd on Twitter: "Tired, dehydrated skin... the body milk  moisturizes your skin for 24 hours. Its fluid texture penetrates  immediately, bringing you freshness, comfort and well-being instantly. # Noreva #Aquareva #BodyCream #

    • Intense moisturizing for dehydrated & dry skin.
    • Fast-absorbing
    • Instant coating
    • Leaves the skin soft and scented

    Formulated specifically for intensely dehydrated skin, Aquareva® Moisturizing Body Cream 24h
    repairs skin dryness, restores the skin’s protective barrier, and brings elasticity and softness to the

    Clinical Outcomes:
    • Dermatologically tested.
    • 90% Fast-absorbing.
    • 100% Leaves the skin feeling supple, soft and nourished.
    • 100% Protects and repairs sensitive skin.
    • 100% Instantly and durably moisturized skin.
    Key Ingredients:
    • Extract of Cotton Flower: Softens skin and makes it supple.
    • Hydro Essential Complex: Provide bioavailable water supply.
    • High protective lipids: Strong skin protection.
    • Glycerin: Prevents water loss & moisturizes the skin.
    • Film forming agents: Ensures skin freshness, comfort & protection.

    Apply the moisturizing body lotion 24 hours a day and / or evening to the whole body.


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