Babe Urea Repairing Lotion 10% Restore The Hydration 500ml
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Babe 10% Urea Repairing Lotion 500ml provides immediate and long-lasting hydration to dry and flaky skin leaving it soft and supple again.

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    Brand: Babe Laboratorios
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    Categories: Dermatological Care
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    Babe Urea Repairing Lotion

    Babe Urea Repairing Lotion 10%  perfect companion for the coldest months of the year, the Urea Repairing Lotion is all you need. This lotion is made up of all-vegetable oils such as Soy Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E oil. These natural ingredients not only deeply hydrate skin, but they also soothe and relieve discomfort typical of dry skin.

    How to use for Babe 10% Urea Repairing Lotion

    • Apply Babé 10% Urea Repairing Lotion once or twice a day to previously clean and dry skin. Apply with a gentle massage until fully absorbed.
    • Apply Babé Repair Urea 10% Lotion to your skin.
    • With a gentle massage until completely absorbed.


    • Babe 10% Urea Repairing Lotion absorbs quickly and effortlessly due to its lightweight formula.
    • It contains only vegetable origin oils.
    • Adapted pH to bring skin back to its natural levels.

    Main Ingredients

    • 3% Glycerin helps keep the skin hydrated and also shielded from external aggressors.
    • 2% Shea Butter can not only deeply nourish the skin but also help regenerate and soothe. It leads to a healthier skin barrier and comforts the skin
    • 10% Urea can not only deeply hydrate the skin but also provide an exfoliating action. It helps moisturize the skin and remove dead cells softening and smoothing dry and flaky skin
    • 3.5% Vegetable Soy Oil is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 and helps nourish and soothe the skin0.
    • 25% Vitamin E grants antioxidant properties and helps protect the skin from oxidative stress.

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