Floxia Deep Moisturizing Gel for Deep Hydration 125ml
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Floxia Deep Moisturizing Gel provides hydration and soothing all day long, for a supple, soft and deeply moisturized skin. The complexion is brighter and blemishes fade away.

Country of Origin : Paris

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Brand: Floxia
Categories: Dermatological Care
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Floxia Deep Moisturizing Gel

Your skin needs moisture! Floxia Deep Moisturizing Gel provides hydration and soothing all day long, for a supple, soft and deeply moisturized skin. The complexion is brighter and blemishes fade away. No more tightness, dry and rough skin… The skin is firm, protected and nourished.

  • Hydrates in depth,
  • Protects against dehydration,
  • Relieves irritated skin.

Recommended for normal to very dry, sensitive and dehydrated skins, Floxia Deep Moisturizing Gel has a creamy gel texture that quickly penetrates the epidermis without clogging the pores. Go for a light and fresh sensation on your face. This dermocosmetic care protects the most fragile skins and those badly damaged by external aggressions.

Active Ingredients

Aqualance is a protective and restorative dermocosmetic active ingredient. It prevents dehydration of the skin.

The Ultraviolet rays generated by the sun are very harmful to the epidermis. Pollution, UVA, UVB… These external aggressions weaken the cutaneous barrier. Redness, pimples or dryness may appear.

To repair and strengthen the skin, hydration remains the best remedy. The deep Moisturizing Gel enriched with Aqualance maintains the volume of moisture into the skin. Skin cells are stronger and effectively fight external aggressions. 

The complexion is brightened and the skin texture is smoothed. Touch your face… It feels so soft!

Betaine Betaine has a strong hydrating power. It is an essential active ingredient in the development of moisturizers. Its action is triple:

  • It moisturizes the epidermis in depth,
  • It protects the skin from irritations,
  • It soothes the sensitive and dry face.

Redness, irritation, tightness, scaling, skin inflammation… Betaine soothes all these conditions. Day after day, the skin is restored with comfort and firmness. The hydrolipidic film is protected, strengthened, and it shows.

Is your skin thirsty? Give it a little Floxia Deep Moisturizing Gel and enjoy the sensation of intense hydration.

Deep Moisturizing Gel, for what type of skin?

Floxia Deep Moisturizing Gel is adapted to all skin types. It will be even more effective on dry and dehydrated skin.

When to apply the Floxia Deep Moisturizing Gel?

Deep Moisturizing Gel can be used morning and evening on clean, dry skin. It can be used as a serum during the day or as a night cream.

If you feel tightness or discomfort during the day, apply a little of the gel cream to your face for an immediate relaxing and soothing effect.

How to apply it?

Pour a small amount of the treatment on your fingers. Then massage your face and apply a gentle pressure to activate the microcirculation and regenerate the epidermis. And voilà, your skin is deeply moisturized!

Where to apply it?

You can apply the Floxia Deep Moisturizing Gel to your face and neck.

Texture of the moisturizer

The Floxia Deep Moisturizing Gel has a very light cream gel texture. The gel cream is a mixture of a gel that quickly penetrates the epidermis without leaving a greasy film and of a cream that brings more comfort to the skin.

This gel is perfect for those who do not want to overload their skin with rich textures. It is a care even more appreciated in summer, to cool your face.