Babe Stop AKN Moisturising Repair Cream 50ml
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Babe Stop AKN Moisturising Repair Cream Daily care of skin subjected to prescribed anti-acne dermatological procedures

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  • Brand : Babe
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  • Country of Origin : Spain
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    Brand: Babe Laboratorios
    Categories: Dermatological Care
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    Babe Stop AKN Moisturising Repair Cream

    Babe Stop AKN Moisturising Repair Cream is anti-acne repair cream for a skin subject to pharmacological drying treatments (oral isotretinoin, topical retinoids, etc.). Formula enriched with 4% Niacinamide that guarantees an antibiotic action against acne causing bacteria, but with no bacterial resistance.

    Helps restore the hydrolipidic mantle barrier without greasing the skin. Contains Murumuru Butter, repairing active ingredient, also suited in the prevention of new acne formation. Non-comedogenic.

    Babe Stop AKN Moisturising Repair Cream daily cares for skins subjected to anti acneic treatments. Moisturizer formulated with active ingredients that restore the barrier of the skin.

    Babe Stop AKN Moisturising Repair Cream :

    • The skin regains its elasticity and vitality
    • Calms the tightness
    • Non-greasy texture with perfect absorption
    • Restores the hydrolipidic mantle barrier


    • For daily use, morning and evening. Apply on clean and dry face and gently massage until complete absorption.