Babe Healthy Aging Plus Multi Action Cream For Mature Skin 50ml
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Babe Healthy Aging Plus Multi Action Cream For Mature Skin was specifically formulated for mature skin since it fights all aging signs while nourishing and comforting the skin.

  • Product Type : Face Cream
  • Brand : Babe Laboratorios
  • Net Weight : 50ml
  • Origin : Spain

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Brand: Babe Laboratorios
Categories: Dermatological Care
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Babe Healthy Aging Plus Multi Action Cream For Mature Skin

Babé Healthy Aging+ Multi Action Cream For Mature Skin has a unique formula designed to fulfill the needs of mature skin. While fighting aging signs, such as wrinkles and loss of density, it also protects and provides comfort to the skin. Having the ability to enhance cell turnover and boost collagen production, due to the presence of Centella asiatica and Lactic Acid, it has a deep firming effect helping densify the skin structure and restore its contours. In addition, with a nourishing complex, its smooth and silky texture deeply hydrates and nourishes, helping strengthen the skin barrier and providing comfort to the skin. Replenishing and comforting it lends you a smoother, luminous and younger look.

Main Ingredients

2% Biolin Prebiotic which helps rebalance the microbiome and strengthen the skin barrier;3% Centella asiatica boosts collagen production having a deep firming effect on the skin;1% Lactic Acid gently exfoliates the skin and enhances cell turnover increasing moisture and firmness for a fresher, smoother and luminous complexion;1% Nourishing Complex which consists of a combination of plant oils that deeply hydrate and nourish helping strengthen the skin barrier;0,50% Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. It not only protects the skin from free radicals but also helps boost collagen production. It brightens up the complexion, overall enhancing the appearance of the skin.

How to use

Apply Babé Healthy Aging+ Multi Action Cream For Mature Skin onto cleansed and dry skin both morning and evening. Gently massage until fully absorbed.