ACM Sebionex Mattifying Gel SPF 50 Plus 40ml
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ACM Sebionex Mattifying Gel SPF 50 Plus Extreme conditions of sunshine. Skins fragile and sensitive to the sun.

  • Product Type : Gel
  • Brand : ACM Laboratire
  • Net Weight : 40ml
  • Country of Origin : France

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      Brand: ACM Laboratire
      Categories: Dermatological Care
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      ACM Sebionex Mattifying Gel SPF 50 Plus

      ACM Sebionex Mattifying Gel SPF 50 Plus is a gel that is recommended for combination to oily skins, including anti-acne treatments.

      This gel offers a very high optimal sun protection against UVB and UVA thanks to its combination of organic filters and mineral sunscreens and provides a long-lasting anti-shine effect. Its fluid and light texture, suitable for oily skin, moisturizes and matifies throughout the day.

      It is invisible to the application, non-comedogenic and resistant to water. Results: The skin is protected and hydrated, the skin does not shine, it is matified throughout the day.

      How to use

      Apply the sun gel to skin that has been previously cleansed and dried 30 minutes before sun exposure. Repeat the application regularly especially after sweating, swimming or wiping.

      Do not stay too long in the sun even if you use a sunscreen product because it does not protect you completely. Overexposure to the sun is dangerous for health.