Tampax Compak Regular Tampons 18pcs
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TAMPAX tampon Regular with cardboard applicator are for light to medium flow days during your period. Feel clean and confident.

  • TAMPAX Compak tampons offer protection and discretion during your period
  • Retractable plastic applicator for easy tampon insertion
  • Protective Skirt to help avoid leaks before they happen
  • Absorption channels that pull liquid inside the tampon
  • Independently tested for harmful substances by Oeko-Tex
  • Gynaecologically tested
  • Free from fragrances and dyes

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Brand: Ehavene
Categories: Women's Care
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TAMPAX Compak tampons come with a compact and discreet plastic applicator and a rounded tip for comfortable insertion. TAMPAX tampons have an absorbent core and an anti-leak skirt for additional back-up protection, while their cardboard applicator features an anti-slip grip for easy insertion.