Philips Avent Easy Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump
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Choose between 4 stimulation modes and 4 pumping settings to make every expression session comfortable and personalized. The lightweight, compact design also means expressing on-the-go is a breeze.

  • Product Type : Straw Cup
  • Brand : PHILIPS
  • Net Weight : 9 Month Plus
  • Country of Origin : Indonesia

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Brand: Philips
Categories: Women's Care
Tags: Single Electric Breast Pump,Electric Breast Pump,Easy Comfort Electric Breast Pump

Philips Avent Easy Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump

The new Philips Avent Easy Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump is designed to pump upright without cleaning forward. It provides personalized experience: 8 stimulation levels + 16 pumping settings and mem function of preferred setting. New natural motion technology: the pump that adapts to mom: our new natural motion technology uses a combination of nipple stimulation and suction for more comfort and quicker milk let down. Adapts to every nipple size: 99. 98% nipple adaptability every mom can feel comfortable with collapsing movement of the pump and soft adaptive cushion.

4 stimulation modes x 4 pumping modes for optimal expressing

It's important to be comfortable when expressing, and comfort means something different for every mom. With this breast pump you can choose between 4 stimulation modes, and 4 pumping settings. This way, you can make each expressing session efficient and comfortable.

Hassle-free, set and forget settings

Moms have enough on their mind without having to recall their ideal setting - so we'll do that for you. Your preferred settings are stored, so at the press of a button you're ready to go. Need a break from pumping? Simply press the pause button, and to resume press play. It's that easy.

Battery and electricity operated

The product runs on electricity. For extra mobility you can also insert batteries to allow cordless use. You can insert four non-chargeable 1.5V AA batteries or four rechargeable 1.2V AA batteries