Pearl Drops White Sparkle Toothpolish 50ml
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Pearl Drops White Sparkle Stain Remover Whitening Toothpaste Toothpolish 50ml Removes daily stains to help reveal a bright, white sparkling smile!

  • Product Type :  White Sparkle
  • Brand : Pearl Drops
  • Net Weight : 50ml
  • Country of Origin : India
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    Brand: Ehavene
    Categories: Health & Beauty
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    Pearl Drops White Sparkle 50ml

    Pearl Drops White Sparkle transforms your smile by helping to carefully remove built up stains like tea, coffee and wine while preventing cavities. The formula works to clean, polish and whiten teeth, delivering a brighter, sparkling smile that will stand out in a crowd. No matter what the occasion, let your confidence shine through with this gentle whitening toothpolish.

    Pearl Drops White Sparkle Toothpaste is a everyday toothpaste promosing to leave your teeth white and sparkling. Removing stains from tea, coffee and everyday life, pearl drops is a great tasting toothpaste that not only looks after your teeth but leaves them looking and feeling great.