Meyer Natural Orange Flavour Kidicare Plus Syrup 200ml
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Kidicare Plus Syrup provides optimum nutrient care for all round development of kids. It improves child growth and appetite.

  • Product Type : Syrup
  • Brand : Meyer
  • Net Weight : 200ml
  • Country of Origin : India
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    Brand: Vitabiotics
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    Kidicare Plus Syrup

    Kidicare Plus Syrup is a protein supplement for kids which helps in developing the mental faculties, immunity and also helps in the overall growth of the kid. Kidicare Plus syrup comes in the flavours of natural chocolate and vanilla.


    l-lysine hci 40mg, vitamin c 30mg, elemental magnesium 10mg, elemental iron 5mg, nicotinamide 5mg, elemental zinc 5mg, vitamin e 3mg, d-panthenol 2. 5Mg, vitaminb1 1. 5Mg, vitamin b2 1. 5Mg, vitamin b6 1mg, vitamin a 450 mcg(1500 i. U), vitamin d3 2. 5 Mcg(100. U. ) Vitamin b12 1. 5Mcg

    Directions For Use: One/ two teaspoon twice daily or as directed by the physician.