Huggies Dry Pants L 50pcs 9-14Kg (Malaysia)
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Huggies Dry Pants Diaper we understand there is nothing more powerful than that moment, that hug, and every moment that follows.

  • Product Type : Diaper
  • Brand : Huggies
  • Quantity : 50pcs
  • Country of Origin : Malaysia

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Brand: Huggies
Categories: Baby Care & Toy
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Huggies Dry Pants L 50pcs 9-14Kg

Our unique Rapid Absorb Technology incorporates 1,000 micro holes for instant absorption. Not only does it absorb faster than any other diaper pants in Malaysia, it locks wetness in to keep baby’s skin dry.


Get the best fit for baby with enhanced stretch and elasticity. We’ve specially designed Huggies Dry Pants to fit comfortably in 5 areas: waist at tummy, waist at back, both legs and crotch.