Fixderma FCL T Shampoo Anti Dandruff For Scalp 200ml
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Fixderma FCL T Shampoo A safe and effective formulation to treat dandruff and scalp psoriasis. 

  • Product Type :  Shampoo
  • Brand : Fixderma
  • Net Weight : 200ml
  • Country of Origin : USA

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    Brand: Fixderma
    Categories: Dermatological Care
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    Fixderma FCL T Shampoo

    A safe and effective formulation to treat dandruff and scalp psoriasis. Shampoo based formulation offers high degree of patient compliance. Possesses a high level of safety as it contains safer alternate to the harmful and outdated coal tar-based ingredients. It shows a long-term efficacy as well as tolerance.


    Shampoos are not only scalp cleaners, but indubitably act as preventing the hair shaft damage. Many scalp diseases are also treated by active ingredients that are added to the shampoo's formulations. It is desirable that whatever may the disease or condition be (dermatitis, seborrhea, alopecia, psoriasis), the hair strands are kept aesthetically presentable, preserving its softness, combability and shine while treating the scalp.