Catalysis Spermotrend 450mg Supplements 90 Capsules
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Catalysis Spermotrend 450mg is a dietary supplement that helps improve the body's defenses lowered by the presence of free radicals and stress.

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    Brand: Catalysis
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    Catalysis Spermotrend 450mg

    Spermotrend is a food supplement made from natural ingredients. It contains a mixture of molecularly activated antioxidants, trace elements and vitamins. In addition, it contains Pygeum africanum extract, which supports proper prostate function. Suitable for men from 18 years.

    How to use

    Their intake is recommended 3 capsules a day at least one month. Product Researchers believe that the administration of this preparation during the seminal period of the cycle (about 2 months) can significantly improve the condition of patients

    Active ingredient

    L Carnitine - Fructose - Vitamin B12 - Selenium - Vitamin C - Zinc, folic acid - Arginine - Vitamin E - Vitamin B6 - Pygeum africanum